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Planet FPL - The Fantasy Football Podcast

Sep 26, 2022

It's a North London Derby Clash of the Correspondents as James is joined by Arsenal fan Adam Pritchard and Tottenham fan Ricky Saunders to discuss the latest at the North London Clubs and preview the Saturday lunchtime kick off.

18 months ago with both sides well adrift of the top 4 and with Jose Mourinho still in charge of Tottenham James, Adam & Ricky previewed the Derby (you can watch it here in a thoroughly unimpressed and dissatisfied state..

But fast forward to now and now of the North London Clubs is guaranteed to be top at full time on Saturday. Can either club truly challenge for the Premier League title?

On the Pod, a rivalry that's still fiercely intense, what Mikel Arteta has got right at Arsenal and how Antonio Conte has Tottenham in contention, plus discussion on the FPL assets of interest...

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Coming up tomorrow on Planet FPL - The People's Poll, England's likely 26 man squad for the World Cup

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