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Planet FPL - The Fantasy Football Podcast

Aug 3, 2022

Welcome to Planet SkyFF, the World where (apparently) everything revolves around watching Suj winning £50,000. We know he won't but it might be find watching him try..!

Suj is joined by James on the first Podcast of the season 4 coverage of Sky Fantasy Football. On the Pod: Why last season's Top 5 can cover you for captaincy early on, caution on planning too far ahead, the Manchester City-Tottenham hop on hop off August schedule and the best enablers to help you get the players you really want.

Plus, praise for the gamemakers for the changes to the game and the pricing which means the game may be moving away from its template nature, current drafts revealed, a large Q&A section and plenty more...

Coming up tomorrow on Planet FPL - Planet SkyFF s4 ep1, a preview of the Sky Fantasy Football season

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