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Planet FPL - The Fantasy Football Podcast

May 28, 2019

And here it is...the audio from Part 2 of the first ever Planet #FPL Live! Following on from the recording of the podcast in the first hour of the live show, Suj & James have some special guest appearances!

Listen to the boys speak to Neil Murray (@neilswmurrayFPL), 5 of the correspondants in Si (@fpl_fitballer), Chris (@fi_fpladdict123), Dan (@FPL_LocoLord), Mig (@Migtavius) and Dara (@TheTinkerMen), followed by Houghts (@FPL_Houghts) - and topped off by none other than Tom from Who Got the Assist (@WGTA_FPL).

You can find more from the Planet #FPL Team here:


Twitter: @PlanetFPLPod (James) / @sujanshah (Suj)


Instagram: @planetfpl